Sandy Greiner Announces State Senate Candidacy

Sandy GreinerFormer state legislator Sandy Greiner announced that she is running for the State Senate at county conventions today in Johnson, Washington, Jefferson, Wapello, and Van Buren counties.  Greiner would face first term first-term State Senator Becky Schmitz in Senate District 45 if she were successful in the June primary.

Greiner makes the SD 45 a likely Republican pick-up in the fall.  She would join former State Representative Bill Dix and current State Representative Kent Sorenson as the top Republican recruits in the Senate.

Darin Beck Announces State House Candidacy

Darin BeckCedar Valley restaurateur, Darin Beck announced his candidacy for House District 19.  Beck will face Democrat incumbent Rep. Bob Kressig this fall.  House District 19 consists of Cedar Falls and the western part of Black Hawk County.

Beck owns a number of restaurants in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Grinnell, and chaired the Iowa Restaurant Association in 2006 and 2007.  He is an outstanding recruit to run against Kressig, who was elected in 2004.

0 thoughts on “Sandy Greiner Announces State Senate Candidacy

  1. So glad you are ready to go, Sandy! I have not been represented in Des Moines for a long time, it seems. Thank you for your willingness to take up the mantle again. I’m behind you all the way. Don’t let us down!


  2. Yes Jarad Klein is the GOP candidate for hd 89. This race will be very close. Marek does not have Obama’s coattails to hang on to this time. Also many of his republican friends may not vote for him this time around. Should be fun to watch. Greiner had been approached last summer for a run in SD 45


  3. I don’t know WHO entered that drivil on Wikipedia. I certainly didn’t. Most likely it was someone attempting to create hard feelings in the Primary. Anyone who was at the County Conventions in Washington, Jefferson, Wapello or Van Burean Counties yesterday can attest that I repeatedly spoke about the respect I hold for my Primary opponents.


  4. I was in attendance at the Wapello County Convention. Sandy is correct. She spoke very respectfully and kindly of all the Republican candidates running for office. Her target is the defeat of Sen. Schmitz. Right on!


  5. Ms. Greiner, were you approached last summer about running in SD 45, as IM4Klein says? Did you indicate at that time that you were leaning against running, or were you always planning to run and merely waiting for the right moment to announce your candidacy?


  6. A lot of people assumed Greiner would be Branstad’s Lt. Gov. nominee as she started the Draft Branstad movement. Plus she’s from eastern Iowa. I guess she didn’t get it.

    I wonder if this means Branstad has picked his Lt. Gov. I bet he announces that soon.


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