The New Composition of the SCC of the Iowa GOP

The Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee is comprised of 16 elected representatives from the state’s four congressional districts, the national committeewoman and committeeman who are elected at the state convention, and the chairman and co-chairman who are elected by the committee.  Neither the chairman nor the co-chairman vote unless a vote is deadlocked in a tie.  In that instance the chairman votes to break the tie.

On Saturday, supporters of Ron Paul increased the number of members they have on the committee.  In addition to those members who have strong connections to Paul and the Campaign for Liberty, additional members were either elected or re-elected that give the Paul faction an even firmer grasp on the committee that it may appear.

Below is a list of the current central committee and their ties, if any, to Ron Paul or the Campaign for Liberty.

1st District:

David Chung: None
Dave Cushman: Supported Ron Paul
Tony Krebsbach:
Supported Ron Paul
Loras Schulte:

2nd District:

Bob Anderson: Unknown
Mark Doland:
Worked for Bachmann, but political views and mindset are similar to the Paul supporters.
Marcus Fedler:
Supported Ron Paul
Jeff Shipley:
Supported Ron Paul

3rd District:

Wes Enos: Worked for Bachmann, but was nominated by State Rep. Kim Pearson, a Paul supporter, and voted for A.J. Spiker for chairman.
John Kabitzke:
Supported Ron Paul
Gopal Krishna:
Supported A.J. Spiker for chairman, Steve Scheffler’s right-hand-man.
Joel Kurtinitis:
Supported Ron Paul

4th District

Jamie Johnson: None
Tim Moran:
Chad Steenhoek:
Supported Gingrich, but political views and mindset are similar to the Paul supporters.  Also received $2000 for Liberty PAC for his 2010 legislative campaign.
Kris Thiessen:
Supported Ron Paul

Iowa Members of the Republican National Committee

Chairman A.J. Spiker: Paid operative for Ron Paul and Iowa Campaign for Liberty leader.
Kim Lehman:
Santorum supporter, but nominated A.J. Spiker for chairman.
Steve Scheffler:
Voted for Spiker for Chairman, hosting U.S. Senator Rand Paul at his organization’s annual spring event in May.

Iowa GOP SCC by the Numbers

Total voting members: 18 (19 counting the chairman)
Members whit no connection to Ron Paul: 4
Affiliations Unknown: 1
Members with some connection to Paul: 13 (14 including the chairman)


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