Is it the Iowa or Idaho Caucuses? Rand Paul seems Confused

This morning Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s presidential campaign team posted the following graphic on Facebook encouraging people to record an endorsement video.  The graphic shows the outline of the state of Iowa, but the text of the Facebook post reads, “Idaho, tell us why you stand with Rand!”

Iowa- Idoho


The Facebook post was posted 16 hours ago and has 57 likes.  As of time of publication it was still on Paul’s Facebook page.  I plan to meet up with Paul at his Brooklyn event later today, I hope it’s in Brooklyn, Iowa and not Brooklyn, New York.

Perhaps Rand’s campaign team should take the quiz that Boise State Public Radio put together last year titled, “Do you know the difference between Idaho and Iowa?”  It’s a pretty good quiz, and the only question that I struggled with was, “Idaho or Iowa: Which state’s governor won a tight-jeans contest?  I picked Idaho because had Terry Branstad competed in a tight jeans contest I’m sure I would have heard about it.

For a quiz put together by Boise staters, it makes Iowa a whole lot more interesting that Idaho.