Grassley Snubs Cruz, Lists Trump as a Democrat

Grassley LetterSenator Chuck Grassley is the gold standard when it comes to Iowa politicians. The six-term U.S. Senator and powerful Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is running for a seventh term in 2016. Even the ever-rare open U.S. Senate contest last year between Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley became a referendum on Grassley.

In the past few days, a Grassley fundraising letter has appeared in Iowans’ mail boxes. It’s the typical fundraising letter we are used to seeing in Iowa. It’s as much about the presidential race as it is about Grassley’s re-election bid. The reply device is called the “2015 Iowa Issues Survey.” It asks you to answer 20 simple questions on issues ranging from the Second Amendment to Obamacare and return it with a check ranging from $250 to $1,250 – at least that’s what my letter asked me to give.

Everything looks pretty standard until you look at the final question on the back of the survey. The question asks, if the caucuses were held today, which one candidate would you probably vote for? Again, pretty straight forward.

The Republican choices are Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum.

The Democrat choices are Joe Biden, Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, and Donald Trump.

That’s right; Grassley’s fundraising letter lists Donald Trump, the current leader in GOP field in Iowa and national polls, as a Democrat. If that’s not bad enough, the Grassley letter completely snubs Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a colleague of Grassley’s in the U.S. Senate, altogether.

In Grassley’s defense, I even struggle to remember all of the candidates from time to time. It’s one thing to remember a list of seven or eight candidates, but the field of 17 candidates makes it easy to overlook someone. What’s bad is that Grassley snubbed one of his own Senate colleagues. And listing Trump as a Democrat will surely get more than a few tongues wagging. asked the Grassley campaign for comment before publishing the article.  This afternoon, Anne Roth, Grassley’s finance director stated, “It was an error by a graphic artist looking at design not content. The artist moved a name to make evenly spaced columns and didn’t replace a name listed twice with a missing name. The result was inaccurate listings. We deeply regret it and have apologized to the campaigns involved, and we’re working to correct it.”