Iowa Mailbox Observations

Photo by Dave Davidson –

Like most Iowans, my mailbox is stuffed on a daily basis with campaign mail. I’ve accumulated a whole box of it all. If you were judging the Republican race solely based on the activity your mailbox has received, then Jeb Bush should win the caucuses going away. Seriously, it’s not even close.

In addition to promoting Bush, the pro-Bush Super PAC Right to Rise is busy attacking essentially anything with a pulse. In addition to attacking Marco Rubio, the group has also attacked Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and recently has started going after Chris Christie. Ironically the candidates with the lightest presence in my mailbox are the two candidates at the top of the polls Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The Trump campaign has mailed a Christmas card and a letter, while some of the pro-Cruz Super PACs, Keep the Promise 1 and Keep the Promise 3, have just started to send mail. The Cruz presence in my mailbox is much different than what was featured in Fox News Sunday’s Power Player of the week segment that featured Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe. the latest video at

The Fox News segment also highlighted the Cruz campaign’s use of psychographic targeting, which means it collects data on voters and then sends them targeted messages based on that data. Yet in Iowa, I’ve yet to see this sort of micotargeted mail from the Cruz campaign. In fact, the latest piece from the Keep the Promise 3 is a classic case of poor message discipline.


The card starts out stating, “Ted Cruz is the only consistent conservative who has done exactly what he says he will do.” There is nothing wrong with that statement. Then the card rattles off his accomplishments.

  • Campaigned Against Obamacare.
  • Campaigned on a Pro-Second Amendment Platform.
  • Campaigned Against Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.
  • Campaigned for American Strength and Sovereignty.

Then the piece quotes Cruz from a Dallas Morning News article saying, “People are tired of campaign conservatives.” An odd quote to use considering they used the word “campaigned” four times to tout Cruz’s achievements.

Perhaps the Cruz effort in Iowa is more substantial than what my mailbox indicates. The Fox News piece indicates that the Cruz campaign is playing chess while others play checkers. I guess we will find out on caucus night.